Personal WHY-HOW-WHAT Course

taught by Dr. Gary Sanchez CEO WHY Institute
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Dr. Gary Sanchez CEO WHY Institute
Dr. Gary Sanchez CEO WHY Institute

About the Instructor

Dr. Sanchez spent years trying to figure out how to stand out in the crowded marketplace of dentistry. That is when he sought out, learned about, and put into practice the power of knowing his WHY. Using his WHY to market his practice allowed him to go from just getting by to abundance.

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How many times in the last month have you heard things like that?

You see, when I was starting out on this journey I was following some of the greatest speakers, coaches and one of the things I heard consistently is- "You have to know your WHY".

I knew the reason my life didn’t make sense was the fact that I still hadn’t discovered my-WHY.

At some point, I thought my ‘why’ was my family. It was the reason I was working so hard at work. But, despite ‘knowing’ that my family was my ‘why’- I still couldn’t get the motivation I had been promised to get after I discovered my WHY.

What was I doing wrong?

What point was I missing?

Why wasn’t I as motivated to wake up every morning to go to work despite knowing my WHY?

I was as confused as before. My life still didn’t make sense.

This was until I discovered that the ‘why’ I had supposedly discovered was just a superficial ‘why’. I needed help to discover my intrinsic  ‘WHY.


The hunger to know my WHY led me on an exciting journey of learning and self-discovery. I now understand what the speakers meant by discovering my WHY.

I discovered that my ‘WHY’ is a power of nature. It is at the core of my being. It is and has always been influencing the way I interact with people, colleagues and my approach to work.


More to this, I discovered my HOW and my WHAT.

My HOW is my unique way of expressing my ‘WHY.’

And, my WHAT is my unique gift to the world. The one thing that people can count on me to deliver because it’s what comes naturally to me.

These discoveries light a million and one light bulbs in my head. I could now understand why I behave the way I do. My life became clearer. My energy and motivation were rejuvenated.



I, therefore, set out to apply my WHY, HOW and WHAT by impacting the lives of a million other people.

Therefore, here comes your Personal WHY, HOW and WHAT.  

Remember, when you know your WHY, WHAT you do has more impact!

Enroll today and refocus, re-energize and re-ignite your life’s purpose.

Course Contents

13 Videos
1 Quiz
4 Surveys
3 Multimedia
4 Texts
1 Download
2.0 hrs